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“ There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning failure ”

Son Huy Min, Boxing coach

What can we learn from those differences?

CrossFit Explained

First of all, defining CrossFit by real world examples is difficult; there are plenty of them. It’s better to
look at the overarching intent of the CrossFit philosophy. CrossFit is all about function. Rather than
emphasizing aesthetics, it focuses on increasing work capacity. It’s trying to make people better at
producing a given amount of work in less time than before. If you can go from doing 10 pullups in two
minutes to doing 20 pullups in two minutes, you’ve just increased your work capacity. CrossFit wants
athletes to not only lift heavy things, but lift heavy things repeatedly with less rest. Rather than
increasing only pullup work capacity, it wants you to improve your work capacity across every mode of
movement humans engage in: running, rowing, jumping, squatting, deadlifting, throwing, climbing,
carrying, pushing, pressing, etc. CrossFitters are training for “the sport of fitness” – for overall adaptive
fitness. And actually, what most people imagine when they think of CrossFit isn’t too far off from the

High-intensity full-body movements performed for time.
“As many reps as possible” (AMRAP) workouts.
• Olympic lifts for reps.
• Endless pullups and ring dips.
• Rowing, sprinting, climbing.
• Varied modes of movement

Body Building Explained

Bodybuilding is all about form. At its highest levels, bodybuilders are trying to cultivate aesthetic perfection in the human physique. In other words, bodybuilding is about getting jacked and pumped. Bodybuilding is primarily concerned with looks, big muscles, low body fat. It aims to realize the potential of every single muscle in the human body to grow while maintaining balance and definition. No big quads and small glutes, or big biceps and small triceps. Bodybuilders want everything to grow not for extra functionality, but because they look better that way. People use all sorts of different methods to build body. There are keto bodybuilders doing medium rep sets and basic “balanced diet” bodybuilders doing high rep sets. It’s the intent.

Both CrossFit and Bodybuilding involve lifting weights and putting them back down, repeatedly, several times each week. Both are forms of exercise

Bodybuilders want to look strong and impressive. They’re judged based on how they look, not what they can lift. CrossFitters want to be strong and impressive. They’re judged based on what they can do. The top bodybuilders are usually quite strong, and the top CrossFitters tend to be fairly aesthetic.


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